Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail Fast!

What if your loved one has no bail bond hearing and is in Henrico or Chesterfield jail?

If your loved one is in jail and does not have a bail bond in Henrico or Chesterfield VA. There is an excellent chance your loved one could get out of jail. But the only person that can give your loved one a bond at this point is a judge.

Only a lawyer can ask a judge for a bond hearing

The only person who can set up a bond hearing is your lawyer. Your loved one will either need to have a court-appointed a lawyer or a paid lawyer.

Your loved one will need a bail bond hearing

When someones arrested, they see the magistrate. If the magistrate holds you with no bond, then you see the judge the next day at your arraignment. If the judge continues to keep you with no bond. Then you have to have a bond hearing.

Court-appointed lawyers can ask for a bond hearing

If you do not have the money to pay for a lawyer. The court-appointed lawyers will help. But the lawyer has to ask the court for a bond hearing. We can help you communicate with the court-appointed lawyer.

If you would like we can refer you to a reputable lawyer

We can refer you to some outstanding lawyers in the area if you need one. Lawyers who we know and trust unless you already have a lawyer in the area.

We are part of the community and have been here for generations

Our family has been living in the Richmond area for over one hundred years. We are very involved in the community. We know reputable people. People we have worked with and have built trusting relationships.

Call we’ll give you the number to the public defender’s office

If you call me. I can give you the phone number to the public defender’s office. If you call the public defender’s offers. They will give you the name and number of the public defender who is representing your loved one.

We can work with the public defender on your behalf

Sometimes with the court-appointed lawyers, they have some much work on their hands. Sometimes you have to bug them a little bit to get the bond hearing moving along. Sometimes you have to call the public defender and nudge them a little. I will call and say “my client needs a bond hearing ASAP. Can we get this matter in front of a judge sooner than later?” We can help you with that. These lawyers can get a bond hearing within a couple of days.

Paid lawyers seem to move the process along a bit faster

In our experience, a paid lawyer gets the bond hearing a bit sooner. And therefore your loved one home sooner. A court-appointed lawyer can as well but sometimes they need a phone call or two, and we can help you with that.

Once a bond hearing is scheduled it usually within days

Once the lawyer asks a judge for a court date for the bond hearing a court date is issued. Usually, it takes a few days. Then the judge has time to hear the whole case. The judge can listen to your loved one side and hopefully, they will get a bond and be home soon. There is no guarantee your loved one with get a bond but often in these cases they do.

And then we will be there ready to get your loved one out of jail.

If your loved one is from out of state, they might not get a bond. So setting up a bond hearing in front of a judge is the proper thing to do. And often leads to your loved one being released.

Why judge might not be issued a bail bond

When deciding a bond a judge weighs risk to the community and risk of flight. If your loved one is out of state and they get an attorney more likely than not they will get a bond and released.

4/30/2017 By Keith Henderson