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Property Bail Bondsman and Surety Bondsman Explained

There are 2 types of bondsman in Virginia.  Property Bail Bondsman and Surety ( Insurance Company ) Bondsman. Property Bondsman has their own real estate pledged. The bondsman’s property is pledged with the state as collateral. A surety bondsmen work with insurance companies to have collateral for the state. A surety bondsman has to buy insurance to cover the bond. They do not have as much skin in the game as a Property Bondsman.

Henderson Bail Bonding is a Property Bail Bonding Company.

We have real estate (equity) that we own pledged as collateral. As required by law, the state has 1st deeds of trust recorded on all the properties we use as collateral. This gives the state security, knowing we can cover any bonds. If they that go wrong the state knows we will be responsible and pay the court when a bond is due.  We have skin in the game. We recently increased the amount of real estate (equity). We have pledged to over $1,600,000, one million six hundred thousand dollars. Our real estate is located locally, in Richmond and Henrico VA.