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Bail Bonding release when GPS, Home Electronic Monitoring is ordered Henrico or Richmond VA

In some cases, a judge will order GPS monitoring for someone who is being released from jail on a bail bond. We can help guide you through the process to ensure a speedy release. We can find out quickly if your person has GPS or not.

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This is how it works:
The judge might order a GPS monitoring device for someone bailed out of jail. This is the process if your loved one is ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device. We must wait for paperwork to get from the court to the jail. Only then we can start the bond process.

We tell the jail we want to bond your person and the process starts. We can call the appropriate people and give you the phone numbers of the right people to call. Together we can ensure that the jail knows we want this to happen as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the jail is busy and get side tracked and your person can get lost in the shuffle. We can keep the jail on track to get your person out.

In some cases, the GPS department will first have to visit the house where your person will be living. Then they go back to the jail and start the bond process. Once the bond process starts. Your loved one will be brought downstairs to booking. The GPS monitor is then placed on the person who is being bonded. We are then allowed to post the bond. Once you are home with a monitor, you will have to check in once a week with the GPS people. There you will have a chance to tell them about places you will need to go. Based on the information you provide. They can change the stipulations on the monitoring.

We have helped many people through this process. We have called the GPS people on our client’s behalf’s on many occasions. We will work with you on getting your person out. We also have called the courts many times. This is to get them to send the paperwork over to the jail. Sometimes they either forgot or are busy. This results in delays. And the individual not being released in a timely fashion. We go the extra mile and make sure your loved one is home as soon as possible.
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